Seminar: How to make your IT Infrastructure Safe, 25 April 2018



Is your network connected and still 100% secure? If it were possible to make and keep a network 100% secure from outside or inside the DMZ we would hardly ever hear reports of data breaches, ransomware attacks and the like. But it seems that no matter what an organisation does it can never be totally secure – even when it is disconnected from the outside world. It seems that the hacker can always find a way in. Sometimes the hacker may use social engineering such as phishing, or the breach may be caused willfully by an employee or contractor with access to the network. There are thousands of ways your systems can be attacked, and thousands more being invented as you read this.

On April 25th SRC Secure Solutions will be hosting a seminar in Amstelveen which we will discuss, together with our experts, how to combat these attacks by strengthening your network infrastructure and highlighting weak points in your ‘attack surface’ .

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