29 June 2017 10:00 CET

TrapX and SRC Secure Solutions are bringing you a free webinar!

Deception in Depth – The Architecture of Choice

TrapX Deception in Depth combines wide-ranging deception capabilities to bait, engage, and trap attackers. This multi-tier architecture creates a tempting environment for attackers within the network. Everywhere they turn, they’re faced with immediate identification. Bait such as cached credentials, data base connections, network share, and more, lure attackers to the Traps. The Traps extend transparently through our smart-deception proxy to our fullOS decoys for the deepest attacker engagement and diversion. 


This multi-tier approach to engagement maximizes the deception surface to bait the attacker. It allows us to identify attackers quickly, determine their intentions, and gather detailed forensics and evidence. This deep visibility into malicious activity within your network can minimize or eliminate the risk to intellectual property, IT assets, critical infrastructure, and impact on business operations.

DeceptionGrid Core Components

DeceptionGrid scans your existing network and provisions hundreds/thousands of deception components. Deception Tokens, or lures, which appear as ordinary files and databases, are embedded within real IT assets. Traps—decoys that emulate servers, workstations, network switches, etc.—can be deployed rapidly, as can special decoys that emulate medical devices, ATMs, retail point-of-sale terminals, components of the SWIFTTM financial network, Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) and more.

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