SmartCrypt Next-Generation Encryption and Key Management

The world has changed. Information is everywhere.

And you have no idea where it is.

Every day, thieves, snoops, and idiots exploit the gaps in enterprise information security. It’s time to stop believing in solutions that focus solely on network and device access. Today’s threats require us to protect the data itself.

PKWARE’s Smartcrypt is a revolution in enterprise data protection, allowing customers to protect their data at rest and in use, even when it moves outside the organization.

Smart encryption technology

Smartcrypt delivers persistent data protection without the tradeoffs that (until now) have prevented organizations from adopting strong encryption. Previously challenging tasks such as key generation, synchronization, and exchange are completely automated, making the encryption process transparent to end users and easier for administrators to control.

The Smartcrypt platform consists of three components:

An end user application that encrypts and decrypts protected data on any enterprise operating system.
A web-based management console that gives administrators organization-wide control over encryption activities.
The Smartcrypt Software Development Kit provides a simple way for developers to embed persistent data protection into existing applications.

Together, these components create a flexible data security solution that’s compatible with even the most complex enterprise architecture.

Eliminating the threat

Data breaches can burden organizations with massive penalties, sky-high legal fees, and reputation damage than can take years to repair. Smartcrypt, PKWARE’s next-generation encryption and key management solution, eliminates these risks, ensuring that data remains protected everywhere it is used, shared, and stored.



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