Why do a Penetration Test?


The IBM i is renowned for its security capabilities, but if these are incorrectly configured the system can be just as vulnerable as any other system.
To give you peace of mind and to satisfy your auditors and regulatory controls SRC is offering a number of services to assess the vulnerability of your IBM i. These services include Managed Security Services, Vulnerability Check, a system Health Check, Penetration Testing and Port Scanning.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is done on-site using tools and techniques designed to exploit any vulnerabilities in the system to access data on
the IBM i. The results of the Penetration testing are documented and discussed with the client.

Port Scanning

Port and Service scanning is done on site on the HMC and IBM i LPAR’s looking for ports which are unintentionally left exposed. The
results of the port and service scans are documented in a “Heat Map’ and are discussed with the client.


Once we have analyzed your system, identified the vulnerabilities and assisted you with your security plan, you must decide on
the steps to be taken to remedy the problems. Here too SRC can assist you with our Vulnerability Remediation Service.

Why SRC Secure Solutions

We have experience with IBM Midranges systems for more than three decades and have built up an extensive knowledge of IBM i
throughout its evolution from AS400 to Power i. We are trusted by many of the largest users of the platform within the Benelux countries.


If you are interested in discussing our Penetration Test for IBM i services please use the contact form or call us on +31 20 5036001