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SecureZIP for Windows DeskTop Enterprise 32 SecureZIP for Windows DeskTop Enterprise 32 Bit

SecureZIP Enterprise includes two installers. Run the executable provided to extract these installers onto your machine:

  • SecureZIP for Windows Desktop (sz144028w32en.exe(32-bit) or sze144028w64en.exe(64-bit)
  • PKWARE Policy Manager (pkp144028en.exe)

Note: No license key is needed to begin your evaluation of SecureZIP for Windows Desktop. Your 30 day time period evaluation will begin after you bypass the "Enter License Key" window. For Policy Manager license keys, please contact your Account Executive, Sales Engineer, or SRC Secure Solutions Customer Service at info@srcsecuresolutions.eu


Size26.07 MB
Download Language English
LicenseCommercial license

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