Credit Life International N.V. is a leading specialist in payment protection insurance, which protects both the lender and the borrower against temporary or long-term credit default risks. All their insurance services form part of a financing product, e.g. leasing, consumer credit, mortage or other loans. Credit Life offers the entire process chain from their own resources from product development and actuarial calculation to claim handling and customer-oriented claims management.

Credit Life International use a number of i5’s to run their core business processes and approximately 80 employees are using windows based systems. In 2008 Credit Life International decided to evaluate a number of systems management applications for i5 and Windows. Based on these experiences they chose the systems management solutions of Halcyon Software. The Halcyon Operations Center (HOC) and the Halcyon Network Server Suite (NSS) automatically monitor their systems 24x7. Not only are the computers monitored, but also the printers, firewalls, hubs, routers, switches, disk capacities etc.  The monitoring tools automatically report problems via alerts on the Enterprise Console and send text messages via mobile telephones, pagers and email. For more information contact SRC Secure Solutions.