SEATTLE, Wash – September 15, 2011 - SkyView Partners today announced an AIX version of the popular SkyView Policy Minder product.



“AIX is a new platform for SkyView and we are excited to show the AIX community a new way of addressing security compliance and administration. With security compliance and administration, the “devil is in the details”. As with Policy Minder in the IBM i world, we’ve put a lot of rich features in the product to make the life of the administrator much easier. A lot of administrators write scripts to get compliance information. While scripting may get the job done, it’s cumbersome to deal with across multiple partitions. With scripts, it’s difficult to weave in an easy-to-use reporting mechanism that aggregates the data from multiple partitions.

With Policy Minder for AIX, we’ve provided a web-based interface that provides a centralized view of your compliance status as well as easy access to reports and the ability to launch compliance checks and fixes to security policy deviations across multiple partitions. ,”explains Carol Woodbury, President of SkyView Partners Inc. “We started with a spec and refined the product and spent a lot of time talking with customers as we moved from prototype to alpha and finally to beta. Beta testers really see the value in this product. They especially like the details of the compliance reports (that show exactly what’s out of compliance) as well as the FixIt function that resets the out-ofcompliant value. The FixIt function will also be useful for administrators for configuring new partitions. They can simply import the appropriate configuration settings from a pre-defined file and run FixIt on the new partition. ”

SkyView Policy Minder for AIX automates the compliance processes and security administration associated with an organization’s security policies.

The areas that the product examines include:

  • Global security settings:
    • auditing attributes
    • group attributes
    • login defaults
    • password attributes
    • user account creation defaults
    • other, misc settings
  • User account settings:
    • auditing attributes
    • group attributes
    • login defaults
    • password attributes
    • other, misc settings
  • Directory and file permissions:
    • Owner
    • Primary group
    • Other
    • Attributes
      • SUID
      • SGID
      • SVTX
    • Extended permissions
    • SUID / SGID files
  • Daemons
  • Exported directories

Policy Minder for AIX features an admin console that allows the ability to administer one server or multiple servers at the same time. It also features a comprehensive message log for administrative tracking and debug. Further, security policies can be initialized – that is, current settings can be discovered and used as the policy setting.


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