by Carol Woodbury, President, SkyView Partners, Inc

I’m not usually one to make New Year’s resolutions but I do take time at the beginning of each year to re-evaluate.  So in the spirit of re-evaluation or resolutions or whatever you want to call this activity, I have five ideas for your consideration for the New Year.

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by Carol Woodbury, CTO, SkyView Partners, Inc


"The Unintentional Insider" - sounds like the title of a spy novel doesn't it?  Oh if that were the case.  An unintentional insider is someone whose intent is not malicious but unknowingly or unintentionally provides access or information to a hacker.  Unfortunately hackers are exploiting these insiders in increasing numbers to gain access to networks and systems.  This newsletter focuses on 5 ways to prevent the unintentional insider. 

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Combined data security and cost reduction in a single offering

Milwaukee, WI (October 31, 2012) -    PKWARE, Inc., the industry leader in enterprise data security products, today announced vZip™, a software application that secures and reduces sensitive data within dormant virtual machines. PKWARE vZip allows organizations utilizing virtual infrastructures to enhance security, achieve compliance, lower storage costs, and reduce IT complexity by encrypting and compressing unused virtual machines.

With vZip, organizations eliminate costs related to non-compliance and data security breaches. Organizations that must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security regulations will satisfy the specific PCI requirement of securing dormant virtual machines with vZip. Additionally, enterprises can lower physical and cloud storage costs by reducing storage needs. Because vZip plugs directly into the VMware® vSphere® environment, it reduces complexity. vZip is easily installed and requires minimal user training.

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