Deceive, Detect and Defeat Attackers Across Your Entire Network


About DeceptionGrid

The TrapX DeceptionGrid platform protects your valuable assets against a multitude of attacks including malicious insiders and sophisticated cybercriminals.


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The Deception Product of Choice



The Deception Product of Choice

DeceptionGrid’s depth and breadth of deception capability is unmatched. Our powerful architecture presents the deception attack surfaces that best match attacker activity. Learn more below.

Console with Attack Visualization

New expanded visualization enables the security operations team to rapidly understand the activities of the attacker over time, from the originating intrusion to the assets they are engaging with, to the final containment.

Attacker ID

New attack identification automatically determines if an attack is being conducted by a human attacker, or automated attack tools, giving security teams a better understanding of the attack and subsequent containment methods.

Automated Provisioning

 Automated Provision of Deception Components. DeceptionGrid scans your existing network and provisions hundreds-to-thousands of deception components including Tokens (lures) and Traps (decoys).

Deception Tokens

Deception Tokens (lures) appear as ordinary files, scripts and databases, are embedded within real IT assets to bait and divert attackers.

Tier 1Active Traps

New active traps functionality creates a stream of false network traffic between deployed traps to confuse and divert attackers that monitor the network traffic.



Emulated Traps

Medium Interaction Emulated Traps

Tier 2

Our patented emulated traps can be deployed at the largest enterprise scale through automation. You can select from a wide variety of servers, databases, workstations, switches, routers and more.

Industry Templates

The patented medium interaction traps now include expanded templates for specialized devices based on industries. These templates include, ATM’s and SWIFT assets for financial services, or Point of Sale (PoS) devices for retail, as well as devices for medical, manufacturing and many more, allowing customers to determine if attackers are targeting specialized devices that are often vulnerable to attack.


FullOS Traps

High Interaction (Full Operating System) Traps

Tier 3

DeceptionGrid enables the provision of full operating system (fullOS) traps. Our medium interaction traps automatically extend engaged attackers through our smart deception to our fullOS decoys for the deepest attacker diversion and engagement. FullOS traps also enable customers to clone existing assets – you can completely replicate actual production servers to further deceive attackers.

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