Policy Minder for IBM i is a policy management tool that assists in security compliance. You will find tremendous time savings can be achieved as it will no longer be necessary for you to manually run reports and queries to try to prove compliance to your auditor. By simply running one command you will quickly know if your system's configuration is in compliance with your policy, and, if not, you can fix it - fast.

Policy Minder for IBM i can also help you determine whether processes and procedures are being followed. By checking security compliance on a regular basis, it is easy to tell, for example, when developers are bypassing change management processes or user profiles are being created with incorrect levels of authority.

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Click here for a Partial list of manual security compliance processes that we have seen implemented at several of our clients.   These are all processes that were replaced and automated using the Policy Minder software.  Read the brochure here.

Policy Minder 1.6 Now Available!

Security compliance is not a "one-off" job that can be forgotten about once you have achieved compliance. It needs to be constantly monitored and maintained to ensure you remain compliant.

SkyView Policy Minder for IBM i, makes monitoring and maintaining the implementation details of your security policy easy and takes the guesswork out of your security compliance status.

With Policy Minder for IBM i you can:

  • Automate the management of inactive profiles
  • Detect new items (libraries, files, user profiles, programs that adopt and more) that have been created on your system
  • Check compliance of all system values
  • Send the results of a compliance check to an outfile or streamfile for further processing
  • Include and check programs' adopted authority parameters as part of your policy
  • Integrate compliance checking and fixit functions intro your automated processes

Policy Minder for IBM i delivers:

  • Detailed reports that show adherence or deviation from stated corporate security policy standards
  • An automated tool to "fix" the security configurations which are out of compliance

Policy Minder evaluates the security-related attributes of:

  • User Profile settings
  • Library Authorities
  • Object Authorities
  • Directory Authorities
  • System Values
  • Adopted Authority
  • Command Authorities
  • Exit Points
  • File Shares
  • TCP/IP Servers
  • User-created Objects in QSYS
  • Job Descriptions
  • Authorization Lists

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