Faced with having to provide information to your auditor or required to document your OS/400 or i5/OS security configuration? Designed by Carol Woodbury, no other product in the marketplace will provide the comprehensive, easy-to-understand, easy-to-produce and unbiased reports that SkyView Risk Assessor produces.

Risk Assessor provides a complete vulnerability assessment that measures over 100 risk points against security best practices.  There's no need for you to spend considerable time finding what i5/OS settings constitute best practices. Risk Assessor provides you with that information.

In addition, Risk Assessor provides a comprehensive document that tells you

  • WHY an issue it found was raised as a security concern,
  • WHAT things you need to consider before making any changes, and
  • HOW you could approach “fixing” the issues that are found.

Risk Assessor is repeatable.  You can run Risk Assessor on a periodic basis to ensure you know how your current configuration compares with best practices.  Also, as you remediate issues, Risk Assessor's documentation provides auditors with a documented progress report.

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