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 These are challenging times for us and we want to support you so that you can continue to protect your enterprise. 
With so many employees working at home, companies have more distributed data than ever before. Employees are accessing sensitive company files from their home Internet, and probably from non-company assets.
The COVID-19 crisis is also creating new opportunities for stay-at-home cyber-criminals that want to exploit what's already vulnerable.
Hackers have more real opportunities than ever before. There are more attack vectors, unpatched systems, vulnerable OT resources, and worst of all, there are untrained employees who never really worked remotely.
SRC and TrapX are joining to help organizations protect their sensitive data and remain safe during the COVID-19 crisis.
SRC is hosting a free remote event on 26th May at 10 AM Central European Time and again at 3 PM Central European Time. We'll talk about how deception technology protects your IT and OT assets; we'll see TrapX's DeceptionGrid technology in action, and more...
The agenda is as follows:-


  1. Why deception as a strategy and what the analysts, including Gartner have said about the use cases. 
  2. Deception in action, a live walkthrough of the management platform and a demonstration of the architecture.
  3. The types of decoy traps that can be created, how they replicate your environment and some customer specific scenarios.
  4. The alerting and forensics that feed into your Secure Operations Centre workflow.
  5. Finally, how TrapX and SRC are able to help in these challenging times...

SRC and TrapX are offering a FREE 60-day managed service, Cybersecurity monitoring, to protect critical systems from cyber risk during COVID-19.
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Please contact us by email or phone +31205036001 if you are interested in discussing our Free 60 day offer.

September 2019

SRC Secure Solutions have signed a reseller agreement with the leading provider of Quantum-enabled Cyber Security - QuintessenceLabs.

QuintessenceLabs is the global leader in quantum-enhanced cybersecurity solutions. QuintessenceLabs delivers unique products to provide the strongest protection for data wherever it is, integrating quantum technology with high-value security capabilities. These include the world’s fastest true random number generator, highly capable key and policy manager, and integrated encryption solutions, to keep organisations secure today and prepared for tomorrow.

Founded in 2008 in Canberra, Australia, QuintessenceLabs offers the strongest security foundation for your data. This includes centralized enterprise key and policy management, a high-speed true random number generator, an integrated hardware security module, and highly secure encryption for data in uncontrolled environments. We can help you protect your data, wherever it is: on your premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid IT ecosystems.