We are very exited to anounce that we have moved office to a new location!

Our new address is:

Baarnschedijk 12C

3741 LS



Feel free to pop round and come have a look!

PK Discovery

Where Sensitive Data Resides

Personal data is everywhere: on-premises and in the cloud, from file servers and databases to data warehouses and data lakes, to individual desktops and endpoints. Data is also shared among employees and partners, which means the same personal information may be stored in multiple repositories. Finding personal and sensitive data quickly, accurately, and completely is often more difficult than it appears.

August 2020

SRC Secure Solutions bv expands it's Network Security portfolio with the solutions from Recorded Future!

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With more than 1 billion Intelligence Cards™ at your fingertips, Recorded Future gives security teams the information they need to exponentially amplify the power of their security programs. Whether you’re in a SOC, managing a vulnerability management team, or responding to incidents, Recorded Future provides critical data that amplifies and accelerates your work.