SRC Secure Solutions bv is the Benelux Reseller of PKWARE's multi-platform compression and security products PKZIP and SecureZip.

PKWARE® delivers strong data security solutions that give you, and your key stakeholders, confidence that sensitive data is secure. Our information-centric security approach enables you to establish and execute a consistent, policy-driven strategy throughout your enterprise in any automated or interactive process, and on any platform.

securezipData Encryption – minimize the cost and complexity of protecting information privacy and integrity. PKWARE provides the onlystrong data security solutions that are easy to implement, use, and support, both, inside your organization and for cross-enterprise data exchanges.

pkzipData Compression – conserve storage space, reduce strain on bandwidth, and postpone hardware upgrades with industry-leading data compression.

SRC Secure Solutions bv is the Benelux Reseller of HelpSystems' security management services for IBM i and Open Systemshslogo notag reg medium

SRC Secure  SolutionsSRC Secure Solutions also develops software for the IBM i, System i, i5, iSeries and AS/400. Menu/400 and TaskManager are two examples of legacy Dynamic User Environment Management products used faithfuilly for almost 20 years and now brought up to date for i.

SRC Secure Solutions bv is the Netherlands Reseller of Raz Lee's security auditing and compliance tools for i5/OS and OS/400.


SRC Secure Solutions is the Benelux reseller of TrapX Deception Grid