Intrusion Prevention System for IBM i

Key features

  • Protects all communication protocols (TCP/IP, FTP, ODBC, Telnet, WSG, Pass-through, etc.)
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) with real-time detection of access attempts or other actions that have been blocked, triggering automatic warnings and corrective actions.
  • Powerful report generator and scheduler
  • Precisely controls what users may perform after access is granted - unlike standard firewall products
  • Protects both native and IFS objects - all of your databases are secured
  • Top-down network access rules design uses Best-Fit algorithm to determine the most suitable rule for any security event
  • Includes simple wizards to build rule definitions based upon actual network access events
  • Robust log functions as a table with ability to filter, sort, organize and present data
  • Port blocking capability

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