Complete What-If system
  • Re-Calculate Logged Events – Now you can check your previous activity logs against rules that you have modified and see how these changes would influence the results. Results that would change are highlighted. This requires no previous preparation and can be used for any set of past events.
  • Simulate Firewall Events – Now you can test the behavior of the Firewall for any possible event. Enter any set of event parameters and see how Firewall would react to them. With this capability, you no longer have to create real events to test your rules.
Socket Exit Points
  • Socket Exit Points Enhanced – Control over socket exit points Accept, Connect and Listen has been enhanced. Socket Exit Points can help to conveniently control activities such as Email, TCP, UDP, Ports, and IP. Starting from this release, they will appear as standard exit points.
  • Free-style Rules in Socket Exit points –Socket Exit Points activity is controlled by Free-Style rules, providing ease of use.
Free-style Rules
  • Additional Type of Rule System – While the layered Firewall rule system suits most situations, there are some situations that one would find more convenient to protect without any predefined hierarchy of checks. With Free-style rules, every attribute of the event can be compared to a value. Comparisons also may test for Generic*, LIKE, LIST or check whether the value is an ITEM of an externally defined group. Tests can be combined using “And” and “Or”.
  • Enabled for ALL Exit Points – If they provide a result, the result overrides the other rules.
Something more…
  • Work with Database SQL Server Jobs – Firewall now enables you to conveniently inspect and control the activity of QZDASOINT jobs. These jobs serve database activity. Inspecting them is important when upgrading the product.
  • Skip Server Subcommands – Each server usually has several Subcommands, some of them are not important. You can now eliminate checks for these. This helps isolate the needle from the haystack.

iSecurity Firewall 18.08 is now available and can be purchased from SRC Secure Solutions bv.

More information on iSecurity Firewall can be found here information